Aloft Uniforms Healthcare Scrubs

Aloft International uniforms are the choice of healthcare professionals for scrubs sets and lab coats... 
...with Custom inseams, Embroidery and Screening of Departments             
Combining attractive style with comfort and functionality...  
Aloft scrubs offer premium quality in healthcare uniforms.                 SHOP NOW!

Coming from emergency nursing roots with several years in the trenches, Aloft Uniforms have committed to meet the demands of healthcare professionals.

Take advantage of the perfected fit, improved over the years...thanks to all the invaluable feedback from healthcare professionals like You...

Join other healthcare professionals in nursing, animal care, dental, surgey and many more... enjoying the quality and the comfort Aloft Uniforms offer.

What top features does a healthcare professional need from scrubs sets? Find out what indulged our regular customers over the years...

Benefit from this first-hand experience and you will find what you have been looking for... either scrubs for women or mens scrubs...
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The perfect balance of attractive style and practical features...

It’s just human nature that drives us all to look good. OK let’s be honest... Attractive.
So we implemented a few things to make our uniforms look attractive... But we haven’t forgotten who our customers are! The healthcare professionals!

No point in looking good if your uniforms cannot handle the demanding nature of a typical long shift in any medical profession.
High-tempo, stressful situations, high physical effort moments... Ease of movement and a breathable premium quality cotton fabric is essential.

· Double cargo pockets on each thigh are life-savers to make your scrub pants functional... so all your accessories and tools are where they are supposed to be... with You... especially in case of emergency situations.
· Two additional back pockets give the leaner look and contribute to the overall attractive style.
· Sturdy flat fell “blue jean” type seams give an attractive boost to your scrub pants...
· Aloft scrub pants sit comfortably at the natural waistline and tie at the side... eliminating the bulky look as seen in front-tie pants.

· Featuring a fashionable slightly lower front rise, while a slightly higher back rise covers your lower back... reinforcing the professional image of your scrub uniforms at all times.

Individualize your uniforms...                                 
Scrub pants come in standard lengths...
However, human legs don’t!
Take advantage of the convenient custom hemming service offered by Aloft Uniforms... available from 25” up to 37” inseams... for the entire size range from XXS up to 5XL.
Enjoy the individualized finish, while saving time and money.

                         cotton scrubscute-scrubs-tops-with-embroidery               

Have you ever heard the “who is who?”                                                 
· (At the hospital) It becomes very difficult to identify “who is who?”... Patients often get confused. Embroidered logos of departments on scrub uniforms help a lot...

· Having my title and name makes it a lot easier for my patients... not to mention the professional look it adds to my uniforms!

Add your own individuality to your uniforms with the addition of embroidered logos... You can also choose to have silk screening of your department name on your pant leg!
Having RN and/or department logos along with names and titles has proven to be popular!
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