Aloft Uniforms Healthcare Scrubs

Looking for Mens scrubs that highlight the "healthcare professional" you are... Style, comfort and functionality are the prerequisites in scrubs for men!... It is all about the sharp and professional look... However, You definitely don’t want to compromise on the comfort and functionality.
Choosing the right scrubs is vital to the commitment and the high level of performance you are expected to deliver on a typical long day. Aloft Uniforms take pride in having its roots in emergency nursing (RN). The continuous feedback from doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals has been invaluable in the improved features and overall design along the way.scrubs-for-men-sharp
Let’s have a look at some of the key must-have features of a set of scrubs for men...
      •   Flat fell “blue jean” type tough seams offering the maximum seam strength...

      •   T-shaped scrub tops offer the extra shoulder room required for ease of movement

      •   The slim fit through the hip reinforces the ideal fit

      •   Two back pockets in addition to the double cargo pockets on each thigh offering the
           ultimate functionality for your scrubs... plenty of room for personal and medical
           tools you need... without compromising on the slim look
      •   Pants sit at natural waist line, giving a stylish fit
      •   Highly durable and easy-care fabric... wash and dry... no ironing

      •   Premium quality cotton based fabric provides a breathable texture... the essential life-saver feature during a long and high-tempo shift
Most of our customers take advantage of Aloft Uniforms’ custom hemming services.
It’s a huge convenience... beginning from 25” and up to 37” inseam... available for a size range up to 5XL.
Standard inseams don’t fit everybody. The tailored finish is essential. We can’t promise you the most uneventful day, but we will make sure you won’t be pulling your pants up every ten seconds... You will never trip on your pants.
 FREE Shipping on orders $120 and more (merchandise only)

The straight leg style ensures consistent style and fit whether you are tall or short.
Benefit from; the sense of comfort, ease of motion in a practical and functional style... choose within our wide size range and finish with the custom hemming for the ideal fitting pants.
If you are a larger built person, you should definitely go with the “Mens Baseball Pants”...
These pants give you the additional room in the thigh area.
Have you ever heard of this? It’s difficult to know who is who at hospitals?!
Many of our customers choose to have their department logos embroidered as well as their names and titles!
Silk screening of your specialty or department name on the pant leg adds a distinctive look to your Mens scrubs.
 It’s all about the sharp and professional look... 
                                 while not compromising on the functionality...