Aloft Uniforms Healthcare Scrubs

We all want to look attractive and stylish in our cute scrubs, don’t we?
When it comes to scrubs for women, let’s make sure that we avoid the wrong path...
Forgetting the performance” expected from us as healthcare professionals, all day long... every single day!

Take advantage of the perfected features of our scrubs for women, thanks to the invaluable feedback we have received over the years from healthcare professionals like YOU.

· Attractive fitting pants sitting at the natural waistline... with a slightly dropped front rise, giving your scrubs an up scaled, flattering fit through the hip and thighs...

· Eliminating the unattractive big lump in the belly area caused by the front-tie style pants with our superior “side-tie” design... without any exposure of any skin or underwear

· Slightly higher back rise reinforces the professional image of your cute scrubs by eliminating the lower back exposure while bending over

So, you have an attractive look with
your cute scrubs...What good is it though, if you have to roll up your pant legs every two minutes?
You don’t want to be continuously adjusting your pants while talking to your colleagues or especially when caring for a patient. Imagine tending a severely injured patient, with the aggravation of trying not to trip on your pants?!
Not many will argue that custom hemming for a tailored finish is essential.

The standard (hem length) inseam of your pants will not always be the perfect length when you purchase them. It is for this reason, Aloft offers custom hemming services for that “tailored finish”. Inseams from 25” to 37” are available for scrubs for women.
Not only does it take time to find a tailoring or sewing shop, but also a professionally done hemming would be very costly.

Aloft Uniforms’ unique offer of custom hemming has indulged regular customers over the years... providing the perfect, fitted, cute scrubs.
Instead of driving around to get your newly purchased pants hemmed, we leave you the extra time to spend with your loved ones.
Do cute scrubs need to be functional? It’s not just about the looks then...?!

Some spend their time looking for just cute scrubs and overlook the practicality required by their profession. Once scrubs are purchased, it doesn’t take long to notice the absence of the comfort and functionality essential for those long shifts.
The end result is the need to buy scrubs for a second time; because scrubs without the “functionality” just don’t meet the needs of healthcare professionals.
Don’t waste your time and money in the first place...

 Double cargo leg pockets provide the ample pocket space for essential accessories and tools you will need... enabling you to perform your duties in an effective and efficient way.
By popular demand, we added the two back pockets giving your cute scrubs a leaner look, much like your jeans.

Scrubs must feature a breathable, premium quality cotton based fabric.
Just think about the busy schedule waiting for you at work...
Solid colored scrubs for women have proven to be perceived as the ultimate choice for a professional and committed look , especially from patients’ perspective!
We all want to show our individuality and style, but the professional image is always the key... yes... even for cute scrubs.
It becomes very difficult to identify who is who?... Embroidered names and titles on solid tops stand out. (Embroidery can get lost in the mix of a printed pattern scrubs.)

Add your own individuality to your scrubs with the addition of embroidered logos... such as emergency, critical care... or generic logos such as RN...
You can even have your department name silk screened on your pant leg!
Having RN and/or department logos along with names and titles has proven to be a very popular choice with scrubs for women.


Enjoy your cute scrubs to the fullest with “comfort and style”... while maintaining the functionality you will need along the way!

Scrubs for women... means more than just a uniform!